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The unstoppable growth of the investment on Digital Marketing

Let's talk about numbers

Globally, companies have increased their investment in social media, according to the study presented by 4C Insights and, as reflected by AdWeek, after analyzing the advertising expenses of 900 brands, it was found that they spent more than 130 million of dollars to advertise in the main social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. Pinterest and LinkedIn. These figures also represent an increase in investment compared to the previous year, with growth of 61.5%.

In the past 2016, Spanish companies also increased their marketing investment by almost 2,000 million euros, reaching to invest in this sector around 30,000 €, a 6.4% more than the previous year, according to the figures of the Association Of Marketing of Spain (AMES).

Advertising, communication and promotional products and services account for almost 63% of the total budget allocated by companies to their marketing strategies. Despite the take-off of digital marketing, offline marketing continues to represent the highest advertising spending of companies as it remains essential for customers to know the product before entering to e-commerce.

A strategy within everyone's reach

One of the main factors explaining this increase in marketing spending is the emergence of online platforms, which allow companies that do not have large budgets, such as SMEs and freelancers, to implement marketing strategies that are appropriate to their needs and objectives.

Within digital marketing, social media has gained a special importance, generating Social Media Marketing.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Shortly after the social media appeared in the network, as something new and everything was to be done, brands and companies began to create their profiles and generate their own strategies to reach their customers and then start investing money in advertising. In this way Social Media Marketing began to take on a special importance within the strategy.

As for the growth of social media, Instagram presents the biggest growth in a specific niche: the companies of packaged consumer goods (supermarket) which have increased their investment in advertising in this social network by 5.54% and companies Of health that have increased their advertising spending in this network by 265%. We can talk, then, of the golden moment of this social network.

Not forgetting other networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest that have also increased the investment made by companies in their channels.

The era of social networking has come to stay and, it seems, to eclipse almost any other form of marketing.

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Welcome to the digital revolution. Welcome to PDI Consultores

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